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Regia Series

In order to be able to offer our Regia Series, we had to go on a journey, forgotten for a while now, and whose path, however, sinks into the depths of a great Iberian tradition: that of the walnut tree growers. From them we recovered the cultivating and felling, sawing and drying techniques that, for centuries, these artisans used to work and give life to this Wood, traditionally considered the "queen" of the Noble Woods.

The journey was long, hard, yet tremendously enriching. It could not be otherwise if we wanted to fulfill a passion and dedication worthy of the tradition we wanted to be part of, and to be able to sit down at a Table, in which time stopped in an instant of nobility and beauty.

This Series consists of exclusive parts developed in a handcrafted mannerby our cabinetmakers, with the possibility of tailor making the product to suit their needs.

In addition to the exclusive models of the Regia Series, we offer the possibility to produce the table you want on request. Tell us your idea, we will look for the best board that suits your needs and, once approved by you, choose the finishes to customise "your table", where to the beauty and exclusivity of the Spanish Walnut wood we will add the fine work of our cabinetmakers to develop the table that you have defined, so that it adapts to your taste and needs.You can have "YOUR TABLE"

In addition to the visual impactgained when entering any room, living room or office with a piece of the beauty and aesthetic importance of our Walnut Wood Table, our client will be able to enjoy three different types of varnishes on which to smoothly run their fingers:

Solvent-based extra matt finish acrylic polyurethane varnish

This is a very transparent and dull varnish that lets the natural beauty of Wood through. It shows a great hardness at the same time as a pleasant sensation to the touch. In addition, it has a high resistance to yellowing, scratching, wear by chemical agents of domestic use,high temperatures and contact with hot objects.

Solvent-based extra-hard matt finish varnish

The colourless finish of this varnish, as in our previous finish, lets the natural beauty of Wood through. It will also give us great resistance to scratching and yellowing, although, its resistance to domestic chemical agents and heat is lower.

Waxfinish plus natural oils

The natural oils penetrate deep into the wood, protecting and hydrating it from the inside, taking out, through the humiditythey leave in the veining, all the Wood splendor and beauty. The natural oils are highly repellent to water and dirt, so the maintenance work is reduced to waxing every two years. During the maintenance, with a small sanding and a subsequent application of the wax, we can easily repair the scratches in the Wood.

Different finishes

  • Finish with semiprecious stone
  • Finish with luminescent resin
  • Finish with walnut wood sawdust
  • Finish with transparent resin
  • Decorative motifs with other woods of your choice.E.g.: walnut woodbrackets


  • Furnace-lacquered locksmith leg
  • Wooden leg
  • Any other leg of your choice

Other tables

Not all tables arefrom the Regia Series; other species (chestnut, lime, oak, ash trees, etc.) other finishes and other formats allow us to offer exclusive tables, so that you can enjoy the beauty and touch of the wood.

Alliance with Atelier Mokuba

Everyone is aware of Japan's special perception with regards to nature. This extraordinary sensitivity has historically characterised both its architecture and its interior design, where nature has always been present, and natural materials, including wood, have reigned over the rest.

Atelier Mokuba

The firm Atelier Mokuba’s mission and vision is to change the world through its love of wood, and is complemented by Woodna that provides sustainability with its planted forests.

In a model based on collaboration and passion for wood, Atelier Mokuba stroke a strategic collaboration with Woodna so that its incomparable woods can get to our country, at the same time that our exclusive walnut wood will go beyond our borders and thus be accessible in Japan.

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