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The love we feel for wood drives us in this ambitious project. The responsible use of wood throughout its value chain is the greatest guarantee when it comes to preserve the Environment and is the main legacy that we will leave to future generations.

The wood industry’s future lies in planted forest; a well-thought out model allows us to increase its use in a responsible manner avoiding the deforestation of primary forests.

Only profitable modelswill last over time. The research and development and the continuous improvement are part of our DNA.

The art and design help us to have a strong model that gives rural development a boost within a framework of love for what belongs to us, forests planted in Spain (Catalonia, Galicia, Extremadura and Castilla La Mancha), first and second transformation carried out in Spain.

It all began almost 20 years ago: the implementation of tree cultivation intensity measures had to multiply their productivity; genius and boldness characterisedthose first years. Severalerrors were made in financing a product with such a long period of maturation.

We were getting over this stage and we had to assess what was planted and prove that we were not wrong. This is the reason why Woodna was born, with a philosophy characterised by the DNA of wood.

Our first Planted Forests were walnut trees and seed cherry trees; the most noble woods of the domestic market, the most appreciated, the most beautiful, the most emblematic, etc.

Those trees that due to their shape, quality and growth, proved to be exceptional, were selected from these first Forests. The great efforts from our Biotechnology department managed to multiply this material profitably and we registered it in the register of plant materials. From then on we started creating new Planted Forests focusing on these selections.

The care of these Forests fosters Rural Development, generating a cared forest where there was none before, with local personnellooking after, pampering, watering, feeding and pruning each tree.

But generating a cared, labour-intensive forest in the rural environment was not enough. With this in mind, we developed agroforestry techniques for our forests to coexist with agricultural crops and livestock cabins, generating a more sustainable and strong model.

As our trees grew, we were immersed amidst an unprecedented crisis, which was devastating in Spain, but did not affect our trees growth. This crisis, together with Ikea’s boom in popularity, modified forever the domestic wood market in all parts of its value chain.

So, midway through the project we had to reinvent ourselves; having the best woods in a sustainable manner was not enough, we had to assess them, find their position in the market and make sure that all their values were reflected in it.

We pulled out all the stops searching high and low all over Spainfor the vestiges of what was once a profitable business, that of the Spanish walnut tree growers. Wood masters that marked the trees when they were growing, tolater pick them up when they were mature. A business that had died.

And among the walnut tree growers we found Angel S., to whom we are grateful for sharing so much knowledge about the Spanish walnut tree, the king of the woods.He helped us in this beginning of kick starting the walnut tree in its place, starting with the existing wood.Thispositioned us uniquely in order to later assess our Wood.

Along the way we also found legend wood, that of "Cobo Calleja" and many other woods of an extremely high quality.

As in many sectors, the work had to be done from scratch. Selling has never easy, but when there were big sales, and thesedisappeared due to the crisis, reinventing oneselfproved much more difficult.

We created the Regia Series, unique tables that help appreciate the beauty of the tree. Their promotion attracted the interest of one of the most prestigious fashion brands worldwide, who wanted our wood and company values to be present in their store on the Goya with Serrano Street. This, opened the doorfor us to continue selling wood at a very high level with one of the best possible references, positioning our wood where it should have always been. Now we only had to thrust it into the spotlight.

Along the journey we advanced in the knowledge and use of our wood, still of small diameter, marketing products characterised by their design and quality, but with a narrow margin for commercialisation,that is until combining design, cooperation and innovation we took the plungeand entered the floors and panels sector, where we manufactured exclusive and innovative products.

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